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You Broadband Nodal Officer Customer Care Mumbai

    You Broadband Nodal officer, customer care numbers, nodal officer, appellate authority contact details, escalation procedure, & other details are provided in this post.

    You Broadband (formerly known as YOU Broadband India Pvt. Ltd.) is a broadband service provider owned by Vodafone Idea Limited (VI). Currently it is present in select cities in west, central and south India. It is the first broadband operator in India to offer upto 200 Mbps speed. As per TRAI, the 6th largest in India.

    You Broadband has more than 3,000 km of optic fiber cable and 6,000 km of last mile co-axial cable network

    You Broadband Customer Care Mumbai

    If you need to contact the You Broadband support for any reason, then you should contact them by phone or email at the contact details given below.

    You Broadband Customer Care Number: 91212 91212
    You Broadband Customer Care Email: [email protected]
    Apply for New Connection: Click Here
    Greviances Appeal Form: Click Here

    Other You Broadband Branches in Maharashtra

    Escalate Your Service Request

    Your grievance at You Broadband not resolved to your satisfaction? Call the You Broadband nodal officer or appellate authority for speedy resolution.

    There are times when calling customer service is not enough to get a resolution to your problem. In such cases it makes sense to contact the Grievance Officer or Nodal Officer of You Broadband.

    Before you contact these officers, make sure that you have your ticket ID or case ID so that the You Broadband Nodal officer can look into your case quickly. Also, don’t contact them directly, without contacting the You Broadband Customer Service first.

    You BroadbandCustomer Care Number 91212 91212 Share on X

    You Broadband Grievance Redress Procedure

    If your have any problem with the You Broadband product or service center that does not get resolved at the service center in 3 to 7 days, then you can escalate your complaint to:

    You Broadband Nodal Officer Mumbai

    YOU Broadband India Limited.
    Plot No. 54, Marol Co-op Industrial Area, Makwana,
    Off Andheri Kurla Road, In the lane of Shemaroo,
    Mumbai – 400059, Maharashtra.

    If even the you broadband nodal officer fails to resolve your complaint, then contact the appellate authority in the prescribed form (the appeal form) in duplicate within 3 months of expiry of the aforesaid time limits of 3 days and 10 days respectively.

    You Broadband Appellate Authority Mumbai

    YOU Broadband India Limited.
    Plot No. 54, Marol Co-op Industrial Area, Makwana,
    Off Andheri Kurla Road, In the lane of Shemaroo,
    Mumbai – 400059, Maharashtra.

    If a satisfactory resolution is not provided by the Grievance officer/Appellate Authority of You Broadband, then you may consider reporting the case to INGRAM (Integrated Grievance Redressal Mechanism).

    You Broadband Social Media Presence

    These social media accounts can be very useful to you as a customer. If you don’t get a resolution to your problem through customer support team of VI, then you can publish your problem on their social media accounts publicly.

    Are FirstBestService and VI Related to Each Other? is not related to You Broadband at all. We only provide customer care numbers,  office address and social media account details of companies like You Broadband that can help customers contact right person in support team or find You Broadband Office Mumbai to get their problems resolved.

    We also guide customers to select the options on IVR to reach/speak to a human quickly. When facing problems, we guide customers on how to reach the right person in support team using the tools available on this website.

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