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Samsung Service Center Near Me in Nellore, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, TV

    Samsung service center near me in Nellore, phone number, address, email address, social media contacts, & other details are provided in this post.

    There is 2 Samsung service center in Nellore where it offers after sales service for Samsung refrigerators, air conditioners, Samsung LED TVs, smart TVs, home theater systems, water purifiers, laptops, microwave, Samsung washing machine, dish washers, vacuum cleaners, fridge, air purifiers, and several other home appliances.

    Samsung Service Centers Nellore

    Address Products Serviced

    Kalyan Enterprises
    Old Door No. 16/3/811, New No, 16/7/181 Rammurthi Nagar, 524003
    Phone: 9347173021
    Email: [email protected]


    Television, Blu-ray, Home Theatre, MP3/MP4 Player, DVD, Wireless Audio, Soundbar/SoundTower, Projector, Professional LFD Displays, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Cooking Appliances, PC monitor, Camcorder & Camera

    Bhavishya Services
    D .No : 23-2-21, Ramesh Reddy Nagar, Near Ravindra School, Fathekhanpet, Nellore, 524003
    Phone: 9959098598
    Email: [email protected]

    Television, DVD, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Cooking Appliances, PC monitor & Camera


    Samsung Customer Care Number 1800 5726 7864 Click To Tweet


    Samsung Nellore Service Centers on Map


    Samsung Customer Care Nellore

    Samsung Customer Care Number: 1800 5726 7864
    Samsung Customer Care Email :  [email protected]
    Chat on WhatsApp with Samsung
    : Click Here (91180057267864)
    Online Service Request: Click Here

    Pro Tip:  Calling customer care number of a company; in this case Samsung customer care is all you need to do, if you want to complaint about a product and want it repaired by the Samsung service center. Many times, there is no service center near by, but the companies would still be able to send someone to visit your house/office and service/repair the appliance/product on site.


    If you are facing a problem with your Samsung product and want to contact the company for any service related complaint, then you can call the all India Samsung customer care number 1800 5726 7864 or chat online here or refer to the information provided above and contact the nearest Samsung service center in Nellore.

    Other Samsung Service Centers in Andhra Pradesh

    Escalate Your Service Request

    In case that you don’t get appropriate and timely resolution, you can escalate your complaint to Nodal officer by emailing your concern to [email protected]

    If a satisfactory resolution is not provided by the Grievance officer of Samsung, then you may consider reporting the case to INGRAM (Integrated Grievance Redressal Mechanism).

    Samsung Social Media Presence

    These social media accounts can be very useful to you as a customer. If you don’t get a resolution to your problem through customer support team of Samsung, then you can publish your problem on their social media accounts publicly.

    Large companies usually give more importance to the issues raised on social media. Just make sure, you make a deserving case for your self or trolls can get after you as well. Also, do call their customer support first and visit the Samsung service center Nellore before you reach grievance officer of Samsung or post any message on social media.

     Find all Samsung Helpline Number in India here 

    About Samsung

    Samsung Electronics and Home Appliances has a good market share in India. Its LCD, LED TVs, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Microwaves and Washing Machines are particularly very popular. It is one of five business units within Samsung Electronics. Currently, Samsung enjoys good brand value in India and sells it products at a premium cost compared to other companies like Voltas, Sanyo, and other similar companies.

    Samsung Head Office Address

    Samsung India Electronic Pvt.Ltd.,
    Tower C, Vipul Tech Square Golf Cource Road,
    Sector-43,Nellore, Haryana
    Office Telephone Number-0124-4881234

    What is FirstBestService’s Relation to Samsung ? is not related to Samsung at all. We only provide customer care numbers, nodal officer, service center and social media account details of companies like Samsung that can help customers contact right person in support team or find Samsung Service Center Nellore to get their problems resolved.

    We also guide customers to select the options on IVR to reach/speak to a human quickly. When facing problems, we guide customers on how to reach the right person in support team using the tools available on this website.

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