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DTDC Siliguri, courier services offered, store/outlet addresses, customer care numbers & other details are provided in this post.

There are 43 stores of DTDC Courier in Siliguri. DTDC is present in every nook and corner of Siliguri. Whether you need to send a document or a heavy parcel, DTDC has a solution for your every shipping requirement. Just reach any of these DTDC stores in Siliguri and avail the services of DTDC with ease.

DTDC Siliguri – Stores and Outlet List

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Church RoadSisir Bhaduri Sarani,Church Road, Siliguri 734001
Church RoadKhudirampally, Behind Meghdooth Cinema Hall, Church Road, Siliguri 734001
Pradhan NagraDagapur Near Savin Kingdom P.O &P.S Pradhan Nagra, Darjeeling,
Champasari, Siliguri 734003
Church RoadSevoke Road, Church Road, Siliguri 734001
ChampasariC/O. Shanti Enterprises, Champasari, Main Road,  Siliguri 734003
Pradhan NagraHill Cart Road, Opp., Hotel Heritage Pradhanagar, Champasari,
Siliguri 734003
Rajendra NagarH/871, Rajendra Nagar, Champasari, Siliguri 734003
Burdwan RoadVivekananda Road, Khalpara, Darjeeling, Burdwan Road, Siliguri 734005
Deshbandhu ParaDeshbandhu Para, Ward No.27, Darjeeling, Babu Para, Siliguri 734004
Pradhan NagarPradhan Nagar, Bbd Colony, Nr Seva Kendra, Darjeeling, Champasari,
Siliguri 734003
Burdwan RoadSukanta Sarani, Milanpally,Ward No.25, Burdwan Road, Siliguri 734005
Burdwan RoadS.F. Road, Hindi High School, Darjeeling, Burdwan Road, Siliguri 734005
Burdwan RoadShyam Plaza, Uco Bank Building, 1St Floor, Jalpaimore,  Darjeeling Dist.,
Burdwan Road, Siliguri 734005
Burdwan Road20/A, Sukanta Sarani, Babupara Po, Jalpaiguri, Burdwan Road, Siliguri 734005
Burdwan RoadM.G Road, Khalpara, Near Pronami Mandir, Darjeeling, Burdwan Road,
Siliguri 734005
JalpaiguriSaktigarh Road No – 10 Upper Colony, Jalpaiguri, Burdwan Road,
Siliguri 734005
Rabindra NagarRabindra Nagar, Main Road, P.O. Rabindra Sarani, Ashigarh, Siliguri 734006
Bidhan RoadPo. Building, No. 66, Bidhan Road, Ashigarh, Siliguri 734006
Burdwan RoadTinbatti More, Burdwan Road, Siliguri 734405
East ChayanparaGhogomali Main Road, East Chayanpara, Ashigarh, Siliguri 734006
JalpaiguriSachitra Pal Sarani, Haiderpara, W/No.39, P.S. Bhaktinagar, Dist. Jalpaiguri,
Ashigarh, Siliguri 734006
BhaktinagarAurobindapally, Dabgram, Bhaktinagar, Siliguri 734006
AshigarhSubhaspally N.S Road, Darjeeling, Ashigarh, Siliguri 734006
AshigarhNo. F12, At Bs Club Building, Fuleswari More, South Bharatnagar, Darjeeling,  Ashigarh, Siliguri 734006
AshigarhFuleswary Bazar, Dakhin Bharat Nagar, Siliguri, Ward No.24, Darjeeling,
Ashigarh, Siliguri 734006
AshigarhC/O. Smt Shikha Chanda, Dabgram Colony Near Mohila College, Ashigarh,
Siliguri 734006
BijanbariDamber Singh Path, Bijanbari, Darjeeling, Siliguri 734201
Rabindra SaraniGuru Saday Dutta Road, Bharat Nagari Rabindra Sarani, Darjeeling,
Siliguri 734006
Rabindra SaraniVill & P.O. Ranidanga, Near Ranidanga Ssb Camp, Dist. Darjeeling ,
Medical College More Area, Siliguri 734012
RabindranagarRabindranagar More, Rathkhola Main Road, Ashigarh, Siliguri 734006
Seeshrutha NagarThiknikata, Sushrutnagar, N. B. M. C. Bus Stand, Darjeeling, Medical College More Area, Siliguri 734012
Seeshrutha NagarC/O.Sreela Dey Medical Mare Po.Seeshrutha Nagar P.S – Matigara, Medical College More Area, Siliguri 734012
Burdwan RoadBurdwan Road, New Golden Plaza, Siliguri 734401
Sevoke Road1St Floor, Saradamuni Plaza, 3 Sevoke Road, Opp Hotel Sabera, Siliguri 734401
JalpaiguriChalsa Opp- Kalibari ,  Ps – Matelli Jalpaiguri, Siliguri 735206
JalpaiguriSalugara Bazar, Jalpaiguri,  Siliguri 734008
Melli BazarAbove Melli Bazar, Near Power Station, Sikkim, Siliguri 737128
PanjiparaPanjipara Bazar, Po – Panjipara, North Dinajpur,  Siliguri 733208
Surabhipally ChopraSurabhipally Chopra, Siliguri 733207
R N MargR N Marg, Under-04,  Sikkim – Mangan, Siliguri 737116
Majhitar,Majhitar, Opp. Mdc , Ramgpo, Sikkim, Siliguri 737136
BijanbariUpperline Pulbazar, Bijanbari, Darjeeling Dist., Siliguri 734201
SonadaH.C. Road Ward No.Vi,  Khongkhola, Darjeeling , Sonada – H C Road,
Siliguri 734219


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DTDC Siliguri – Stores and Outlets on Map

DTDC Customer Care Siliguri

If you need to contact the DTDC support for any reason, then you should contact them by phone or email at the contact details given below.

DTDC Customer Care Number: 033-40329899
DTDC Customer Care Email: customersupport@dtdc.com

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Escalate Your Service Request

In case that you don’t get appropriate and timely resolution, you can escalate your complaint to Head of Customer Care by writing and posting a mail to their head office or the Regional head office as provided below. If that does not help, then you should raise a complaint with National Consumer Helpline.

DTDC Social Media Presence

These social media accounts can be very useful to you as a customer. If you don’t get a resolution to your problem through customer support team of DTDC, then you can publish your problem on their social media accounts publicly.

Good companies usually give more importance to the issues raised on social media. Just make sure, you make a deserving case for your self. Also, do call their customer support first and visit the DTDC Courier Siliguri office before you reach grievance officer of DTDC or post any message on their social media account.

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About DTDC

DTDC Express Limited (formerly known as DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd.) is an Indian courier company that offer courier services to Domestic and International Markets.

DTDC Regional Office West Bengal

DTDC Express. Ltd. 
404/405, Kaji Nazrul Islam Sarani Vip Road
Raghunathpur, Kolkata – 700059

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