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DTDC Guwahati, courier services offered, store/outlet addresses, customer care numbers & other details are provided in this post.

There are 66 stores of DTDC Courier in Guwahati. That is a huge number and this shows that DTDC is present in every nook and corner of Guwahati. Whether you need to send a document or a heavy parcel, DTDC has a solution for your every shipping requirement. Just reach any of these DTDC stores in Guwahati and avail the services of DTDC with ease.

DTDC Guwahati – Stores and Outlet List

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UlubariEast India Bye lane, Opp. Volvo Point ulubari, Guwahati 781007
Naharani PathAvtar Complex, Naharani Path Last Gate, Dispur, Guwahati 781006
KamrupF. A. Road, Dist.Kamrup, Kumarpara, Fancy Bazar, Guwahati 781001
KamrupVillage Pamohi, Mouza Ramcharani, Kamrup, Jalukbari, Guwahati 781035
Haque MaketHaque Maket, Hem Barua Road, Fancy Bazar, Guwahati 781001
KamrupDighalipukhuri Par, East Tayabullah Road, Kamrup, Fancy Bazar, Guwahati 781001
KamrupS.C Goswami Road, Ward No.30, Panbazar, Kamrup Dist., Fancy Bazar,
Guwahati 781001
KamrupMRD Road Silpukhuri, Kamrup, Kharghuli, Guwahati 781003
KharghuliZoo Road, Tiniali, Near Bandhan Bank, Mt Road, Kharghuli, Guwahati 781003
Fancy Bazar27 M.S Road, Bhatra Building, Guwahat Bank Of Baroda, Fancy Bazar, Guwahati 781001
KharghuliNear Chandmari Police Point, Kharghuli, Guwahati 781003
KharghuliHouse No.16, Santosh Bhavan, M. C. Road, Chenikuthi, Kharghuli, Guwahati 781003
KharghuliC/O Mrs Manju Hussain Deka, Rajgarh Road, Ps:Chand, Kharghuli,
Guwahati 781003
Near Dd Health CareC/O Barman Brothers Building, Near Dd Health Care, Guwahati 781036
KahiliparaNeelkamal Apartment, Jatia, Kahilipara, Kamrup, Guwahati 781006
Zoo RoadInjal Complex, Mt Road, Hatigarh Chariali, Zoo Road, Guwahati 781024
Nayanpur RoadGaneshguri Chariali, Nayanpur Road, Dispur, Kamrup, Guwahati 781006
KahiliparaRoom No.1, Gmc Holding No. 12214700, Ward No. 17, Kahilipara,
Guwahati 781019
BhangagarhOpp. A.S.T.C. Workshop, East India Hotel Bye Lane Lakhtokia, Bhangagarh,
Guwahati 781007
Poltan BazarWest of New Field, Poltan Bazar,H.S Road, Guwahati 781008
Poltan BazarSarabbhati Chariali, N.S Road, Opp To Shine Tower, Kamrup, Guwahati – Poltan Bazar, Guwahati 781008
BhangagarhTamiz Arcade, G.S.Road, Ulubari, Bhangagarh, Guwahati 781007
Poltan BazarMd. Shah Road, Near Meghdoot Cinema, Paltan Bazar, , Kamrup, Guwahati 781008
DhirenparaHouse No 771, A K Deb Road, Dhirenpara (Tilla) Danish Market, Guwahati 781025
MaligaonBarabazar, Pandu, Kamrup, Guwahati – Maligaon, Guwahati 781012
North JalukbariNorth Jalukbari, Kamrup,  Guwahati 781014
Gopinath NagarGopinath Nagar, Opp.Anand House Kalapahar, Lokra Road, Guwahati 781016
JalukbariGhoramara, North Guwahati, Kamrup (R) Dist., Jalukbari, Guwahati 781039
JalukbariNorth Jalukbari, Near Jalukbari Jama Masjid, Guwahati 781014
KalapaharNh.37, Lakhra, Kamrup,  Kalapahar, Guwahati 781034
Lakra RoadJyoti Kuchi, Lakra Road, Lal Ganesh Lakhra Road, Kamrup, Guwahati 781018
CharialiDeka Complex, Vip Road, Bor Bari, Chariali, Hengera Bari, Noonmati,
Guwahati 781027
JayanagarTripura Road, Hno. 119, Po:Beltola, Ps:Basistha, Jayanagar, Guwahati 781028
Nabajyoti NagerH No. 20, Nabajyoti Nager, Panjabari, Khanapara, Guwahati 781037
JayanagarBeltala Tiniali, Near Kalimandir, Kamrup Dist., Jayanagar, Guwahati 781028
KamrupMani Market, Basistha Charali, Dist.Kamrup, Guwahati 781029
BeltalaHatigaon Road, Near Axis Bank Atm, Opp. Little Flower School, Beltala,
Guwahati 781038
BeltalaLalit Chaburi, Near Hm Hospital, Hatigaon Road, Beltala, Guwahati 781038
JorabatG. S. Road, Nh.40, Tribani Complex, Shop No. 14, Jorabat, Guwahati 793101
BeltalaP.O-Rampur, P.S-Palasbari,Kamrup, Beltala, Guwahati 781038
BijaynagarUparhali, Opp. Uparhali L.P. School, Kamrup, Dist., Bijaynagar, Guwahati 781122
GarchukWest Boragaon, Opp. L. P. School, N.H. 37, Garchuk, Dist. Kamrup,
Jalukbari, Guwahati 781035
UlubariWord No.3, Thana Road,, Po&Ps – Bokajan, Karbi Anglong Dist., G.S. Road Ulubari, Guwahati 782480
MathghariaG-Floor, Corner Room, Mmm Enclave, Village No.2, Mathgharia, Nerangi Tiniali,
Guwahati 781022
BhangagarhG.S. Road, Oppm Prag Plaza, Bhangagarh, Guwahati 781005
Panjabari RoadAnjana Complex, Panjabari Road, Sixth Mile, Guwahati 781022
BhetaparaHouse No. 25, Opp To Erd Foundation, Bhetapara, Guwahati 781022
KamrupGrounf Floor, Krishna Tower, Japorigog, Kamrup Metropolitan, Guwahati 781005
NoonmatiOpp. Hanuman Mandir, Near Fci, Noonmati, Guwahati 781020
Baruah MarketM. G. Road, Baruah Market, Machkhawa Main Road, Dist- Kamrup,
Dhirenpara, Guwahati 781009
KamrupGhoramara, North Guwahati(Iit), Kamrup, Guwahati 781030
AzaraVIP, P.O. Azara, Kamrup,  Guwahati 781015
UlubariNaharani Path, Avtar Complex, Dispur, Last Gate Beside Mukesh Hyundai Service Centre,  Ulubari, Guwahati 781007
AmrangaVill- Amranga, Barihat, Kamrup, Bijaynagar, Guwahati 781125
BijaynagarMirza, Near SBI, PO: Mirza, PS: Palashbari, Kamrup, Bijaynagar, Guwahati 781125
BokoVill – Boko ,Boropara P.O/P.S- Boko Near Sankar Mandir ,Opp.Boko M.V.School, Kamrup, Chhaygaon, Guwahati 781123
FakiragramVill Dlaportal,  Po. – P.S Fakiragram – Kokrajhar, Guwahati 783345
ChandmaryChandmary, Lawngtlai-Iv, Near Moria Church, Dist., Guwahati 796891
GoreswarEnd Chowk Suklai, Pwb Road,  Dist Baksa – Goreswar, Guwahati 781366
BasugaonK.K Communication, Basugaon Town, W/O-02 Chirang, Bongaigaon, Guwahati 783372
WilliamnagarSoil Market Complex, Soil Bazar, Po-Williamnagar, East Garo Hills Dist.,
Guwahati 794111
BoragaonLalmati Beharbari, Lakhra Chariali,  Boragaon, Guwahati 781040
Bakalia Dist Karbi Anglong , Bakalia – Daily Market, Guwahati 782482
Luit NagarLuit Nagar Path, P/O:Udayan Bihar, p/S:Satgaon,Kamrup, Guwahati 781171
DhingDhing Town, Ward No.02 (Near Agp Offc) ,Dist. Nagaon., Guwahati 782123
Air Force StationGol Bazar, Inside Air Force Station, Goroimari, Bakalia – Daily Market, Guwahati 782482


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DTDC Guwahati – Stores and Outlets on Map

DTDC Customer Care Guwahati

If you need to contact the DTDC support for any reason, then you should contact them by phone or email at the contact details given below.

DTDC Customer Care Number: 033-40329899
DTDC Customer Care Email: customersupport@dtdc.com

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Escalate Your Service Request

In case that you don’t get appropriate and timely resolution, you can escalate your complaint to Head of Customer Care by writing and posting a mail to their head office or the Regional head office as provided below. If that does not help, then you should raise a complaint with National Consumer Helpline.

DTDC Social Media Presence

These social media accounts can be very useful to you as a customer. If you don’t get a resolution to your problem through customer support team of DTDC, then you can publish your problem on their social media accounts publicly.

Good companies usually give more importance to the issues raised on social media. Just make sure, you make a deserving case for your self. Also, do call their customer support first and visit the DTDC Courier Guwahati office before you reach grievance officer of DTDC or post any message on their social media account.

  Read the parent article here for All India DTDC Branch Office Details and All India Network of DTDC Stores  


About DTDC

DTDC Express Limited (formerly known as DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd.) is an Indian courier company that offer courier services to Domestic and International Markets.

DTDC Regional Office Assam

DTDC Express. Ltd. 
Near Avtar Complex , Naharani Path Last Gate,
Guwahati – 781006

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