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First Best Service

Most of the companies in today’s world spend too much money on sales and marketing of their products but have little budget allocated to after sales customer service. That’s the reason why you have to wait for several minutes to talk to a real person when calling their customer care number.

Customers don’t expect your services to be perfect, but they expect you to fix things when they go wrong.

Moreover, there are companies that don’t list (or deliberately hide) their customer care number and service center address on their website.

All this keeps you from doing the only thing you really want to do: talk to an actual human being who can solve your problem.

To help you avoid all that frustration, we’ve created this website with a list of service centers, customer care numbers,  grievance procedure, and more for all major companies in English understanding countries.

So, go ahead, find their contact details on this website and call them, write to them, chat to them, and if they don’t listen, talk to their managers/grievance/nodal officers.

If even that doesn’t work, then spread the word on social media and also contact the government agencies like the ACCC in Australia, Consumer Finance Protection Bureau in the US, INGRAM in India, etc. These agencies act as a mediator between consumer and the service provider.

Even the toughest of issues get resolved easily when you approach these government agencies.

Contact Details of Major Companies in India

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