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IRCTC Customer Care

Indian railways phone number can be confusing as they have different customer care numbers for different services. This makes it important to know which number to dial for which issue.

Most of the times people will dial 139 and expect to get all the answers about ticket confirmation, e-catering, refund, cancellation and what not. But that is not the right number to call. Lets know which number works for what kind of information:

Indian Railways Phone Number

Enquiry Number 139 ( Not Toll Free )
Press 1,2,or 3 to select language & then press * to speak to a human
Call for PNR enquiry, train arrival/departure, room availability, fare enquiry, train time table, train name/number, wake up call
Services Helpline Number 138 Call for assistance for cleanliness, food and
catering, coach maintenance, medical emergency and linen.
Security Helpline Number 182, & 1512 Call to report incidents of crime or unlawful activities.
Order Food eCatering 1323 Call to order food from restaurants. Service offered by IRCTC
Online Complaint FormClick Here Consumer Portal launched by Indian Railways. Great option to keep track of your communication and for dispute resolution.
Important Note: Looking for a phone number to report e-Ticking issues, cancellation of e-tickets, Refund issues? Check out the IRCTC Customer Care Number post.

Enquiry Through SMS to 139

 Please note that 3 rupees are charged for every message you send to 139. Even calling this number is not free. 
PNR Enquiry: SMS “PNR <10-digit PNR number>” to 139
For example: PNR 01234512345
Train Arrival/Departure Enquiry: SMS “AD<Train number> < Station STD code>”
For example:AD 12445 011
Train Time Table: SMS “TIME<Train number> to 139
For example:TIME 12445
Train Name/Number: SMS “TN<Train Name> or TN< Train number>” to 139
For example: TN Uttar Sampark Kranti
For Room Availability: SMS ” SEAT<Train number><DOJ** ddmmyy> <Station from:STD code> <Station to:STD code><class><Quota>***”to 139
For example:SEAT 12445 080219 0191 011 2A G
Fare Enquiry: SMS “FARE<Train number> <DOJ** ddmmyy> <Station from: STD code> <Station to: STD code> <class> <Quota>***” to 139
For example:Fare 12445 080219 0191 011 2A G

For CLASS field please enter 1A for First Class AC, 2A for Second Class AC, 3A for Third Class AC, SL for Sleeper, CC for Chair Car, 2S for Second Sitting.

Service Request Through SMS to 138

For Toilet Cleaning OB<Space>T<Space><PNR>
For Coach Cleaning OB <Space> C<Space><PNR>
For Watering OB<Space>W<Space><PNR>
For Pantry Repair OB<Space>R<Space><PNR>
For Pest/Rodent OB<Space>P<Space><PNR>
For Linen/Bed Roll OB<Space>L<Space><PNR>
For Electrical Repair OB<Space>E<Space><PNR>

Indian Railways Social Media Profiles

This is no ordinary information. These social media pages of Indian Railways are monitored continuously and many train passengers have reported getting quick help after posting their problem on these pages. Use them only when absolutely necessary.

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