Indian Railways Grievance Procedure & Information

Indian Railways Grievance Procedure is very well designed and very robust. If you follow correct sequence and make contact with the correct department, then your issue will be resolved easily.

Indian Railways is among few public sector companies that are providing great customer service and that have implemented advanced technology to make it easier for customers to get in touch with customer support and keep track of the open issues.

Indian Railways Grievance Procedure

Step# 1. Call The Correct Railways Customer Care Number & Register Complaint

Always call the correct number and save your self from wasted time and arguments. Because Indian Railways provides several services, they have separate phone number for different services.

Most of the times customers face problems because they call the wrong number. So, lets first understand what customer care numbers to call, for what issues.

Different Phone Numbers of Indian Railways

Customer Care Number Dial it For:-
138 Use this number to report grievances regarding cleanliness of coaches, food and catering, coach maintenance, bed linen, as well as for emergency medical care when needed.
139 This is basic Railways Enquiry number. Use it to inquire about fare, PNR status, trail arrival, train departure, accommodation availability, and to set up wake up call.
182 / 1800-111-322 (RPF) 1512 (GRP) Use this number to report problems such as nuisance by co-passengers, crime, theft, loss of luggage, left behind luggage, harassment of ladies passengers, any unlawful activity, etc.
58888 CLEAN <10-digit PNR number>  | Send this SMS to request cleaning of coach during run of train itself
0755-6610661 Call IRCTC customer care for Issues related to e-tickets booked online on They can not help with tickets booked on counter. .

Check the table above and call the correct Indian railways customer service number depending on your concern and report your issue.

Pro Tip: For getting prompt help you must mention PNR, your contact number, and the problem in detail.

The customer care representative on the other side of call will resolve most of the queries on phone. But some issues may need time or more information to resolve. You must co-operate with the customer care representative and listen to his instructions carefully.

Note down the ticket ID if it is generated for your complaint.

Step# 2. Follow Instructions Given by Customer Care Reps

Some issues, especially related to security issues can not be resolved on phone. And railway police will ask you to fill up a FIR form.  You don’t need to get off the train to do that. Just ask for FIR form to any TTE, coach attendant, guard, etc in your train. Fill up the FIR form and give it back to same railways person. The same shall be forwarded to the GRP (State Govt. Railway Police) concerned for further necessary action.

Step# 3. Register your Complaint on Rail Madad App or Web Portal

For issues that would need time to resolve, like refund of tickets, luggage loss, etc, I personally prefer to register complaint on Rail Madad App or Rail Madad website here:

 Or click here to =>> Download Rail Madad App <<= on your Android phone. 

Your would be required to register on this website first, and then you can submit your complaint and also keep tracking the status of your complaint. Personally, I find this much easier and convenient.

Have a look at the complaint submission page of rail madad website:

Rail Madad

Step #4. Wait for Resolution.

Give reasonable time to staff of Indian railways to resolve the issue. You can keep contacting them in between to get an update of whats happening. If the issue is not resolved in reasonable amount of time or if the staff is unhelpful or demands bribe, then you can move to the final step#4

Step #5. Contact GM & DRM

Contacting GM, DRM railways and if necessary the Railways Minister @RailMinIndia is the last resort if your problem remains unresolved for long duration of time.

Tweeter is the best method when contacting these officials. Given below is the list of twitter handles of these officials

Zonal Railway Twitter Handle Account
Central @gm_crly @drmmumbaicr
Eastern @EasternRailway @drmsdah
East Central @GM_ECRly @DrmDnr
East Coast @gmeastcoastrly @drmwat_ecor
Northern @GM_NRly @drm_moradabad
North Central @GMNCR1 @drmncrald
North Eastern @gmner_gkp @drm_drmizn
North east Frontier @gm_nfr @kirDrm
North Western @GMNWRailway @DRMJaipur
Southern @GMSRailway @Drmchennai
South Central @drmsecunderabad
South Eastern @DRMCKP
South East Central @DRM Bilaspur
South Western @gmswr @DRMUBL
Western @Gmwrly @Drmbct
West Central @ Gmwcrailway @ Drmbhopal
Caution: Don’t contact these higher officials directly, just because you have their contact information. Go through the proper sequence and contact them only when absolutely necessary.


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